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The Russian holding of light industry VTK Holding opened in 2015 in the town of Shakhty of the Rostov Region a unique complex of enterprises, equipped with the latest equipment, which provides a full cycle of high-tech textile production from synthetic fibers.

The industrial cluster "VTK Textiles" includes: the production of woven and knitted harsh, finishing knitted and woven fabrics; own sewing factory for 1,000 workplaces, finished goods warehouses and auxiliary engineering shops.

Production volumes are 12 million meters of fabric and 2.5 million finished products per year. The large-scale project VTK Textiles is the first and so far the only complex for the processing and production of innovative textiles in Russia.

The total investment in the project amounted to 5.5 billion rubles. The company provides its own sewing production of VTK Group with high-tech woven materials made of synthetic fibers, which the company had previously been forced to import. The technological capability of the enterprise allows the production of fabrics for other fast-growing branches of the Russian industry, such as construction, automotive, medical equipment and personal protective equipment.

Key facts:

  • Launch of textile production from April 2015.
  • The project is included in the Register of investment projects of the Rostov region and in the list of «100 Governor's investment projects.»
  • Completion of equipment and the concentration of technology in one place has no analogues in the world.
  • The production uses the latest technology.
  • One of the youngest equipment parks in the world.
БТК - география
The complex of light industry enterprises is located in the town of Shakhty, Rostov Region, 70 km north-east of Rostov-on-Don and 900 km south-east of Moscow.

Among other large territorial entities of the Russian Federation, the Rostov Region is distinguished by a high scientific-production, resource and financial potential.
Also, the Don region has a strong human potential due to the development of light industry enterprises in the region during the Soviet era.
The city of Shakhty is located at the intersection of two highways of federal significance - Rostov-Kharkov and Moscow-Baku.
The North-Caucasian railway (Shakhtnaya station) passes through its territory, and the Kamenolomi junction railway station is 10 km away.

Rostov-on-Don (the capital of the Southern Federal District and the regional center of the Rostov Region) is 70 km away. The nearest seaports: Azov - 90 km, Taganrog - 142 km, river (Ust-Donetsk) - 86 km.
The population of the town of Shakhty is 250,000. It consists of 4 villages: Talovy, Ayutinsky, Maysky, Sidorovo-Kadamovsky. The city has 5 higher educational institutions, a mining and energy college, a pedagogical college, a medical college, a music college, 3 lyceums, 45 secondary schools, and 7 vocational schools. The City of Shakhty is one of the five leading cities of the Rostov Oblast in terms of economic growth and investment attractiveness.

Thus, the city of Shakhty is a very promising transport terminal in the South of Russia.

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