Deliveries of raw materials

The section is addressed to suppliers of raw materials for the production of fabrics and fabrics. The company requires:

  • chemistry (sizing agents, coloring pigments, means for washing fabrics, means for finishing production);
  • polyester and poly viscose yarn (for knitted and woven fabrics);
  • cotton (1st and 2nd grade);
  • poly-cotton stern, poly viscose stern.

Team leader: Dondopov Evgenii Purboevich
+7 (8636) 26 96 88, Ext.6278

Deliveries of equipment and components

The company constantly monitors the most advanced technical developments for the modernization of existing equipment, as well as for the use of the latest lines and components when building new production sites.
Team leader: Dondopov Evgenii Purboevich
+7 (8636) 26 96 88, Ext. 6278

Transport service providers

"BTK Textiles" today actively cooperates with many enterprises in the following areas:

  • CIS;
  • Europe;
  • Middle Asia;
  • Southeast Asia;
  • Turkey.
In addition, thousands of tons of products are shipped daily from the production site of the plant.

Team leader: Grutsynov Dmitry Mikhailovich
+7 (8636) 26 96 88, Ext. 6151
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