Fabric dyeing is carried out either within the framework of the full cycle of fabric development according to the Customer’s specified TX, or by the give-and-take system.
Dyeing machines from FONG ‘S (Germany) and VALD HENRIKSEN (Holland) are used to dye the fabric. A distinctive feature of the machine FONG ‘S is a uniform application of dyes, the smallest mechanical effect and the minimum tension of the fabric during dyeing.
Jiggers of VALD HENRIKSEN are universal machines and are used for pretreatment, washing and dyeing fabrics.


The industrial complex «BTK Textiles» uses modern technologies and materials for finishing fabrics, which allows to take into account the specifics of the future use of products.
«BTK Textiles» performs the following types of finishes:
  • water repellent;
  • K-50 acid protective;
  • K-80 acid protective;
  • antibacterial;
  • mud-removing;
  • Shch-20 protection against alkalis;
  • insectoacaricidal;
  • MO - soft finish;
  • MU - low shrink finish;
  • CH - wash and wear “easy care”;
  • BUT - permanently.
It is also possible to apply film coatings:
  • polyurethane, silicone, acrylate.
The HOT MELT technology makes it possible to laminate fabrics with different types of membranes.

Template printing

The provision of services is carried out either within the framework of the full cycle of fabric development based on the Customer’s TX or on a give-and-take system.
For applying a multi-color printed pattern (12 colors) onto the fabric, a machine is used for printing with cylindrical mesh patterns of the type ROTASCREEN-TG from the company ZIMMER (Austria).
The new ROTASCREEN-TG has the latest state-of-the-art paint and cleaning solution distribution system, which reduces consumption and makes it uniform, as well as simplifies the process of washing and processing mesh patterns.

Weaving stern

BTK Textile provides weaving service: either on a give-and-take system or from the company's own materials. The material can be produced within the full cycle of production - from fabric design to finishing. Or according to the Customer’s Terms of Reference.
The weaving industry uses bioxial and multiaxial machines from KARL MAYER (Germany), a leading European manufacturer of specialized equipment for technical textiles. The rapier and pneumatic weaving machines DORNIER (Germany), which are distinguished by high performance, flexibility and reliability in operation, are installed.
The machines are equipped with numerous patented devices that provide a new level of product quality and machine reliability.

Color development

The company's own Laboratory is ready to develop the color of the fabric / web according to any color of the Pantone directory or upon the individual request of the Customer in accordance with the sample.

Fabric development

Own Development Center «BTK Textiles» produces the development of the necessary fabric / linen according to the specified TX of the Customer. Or according to the sample provided by the customer.
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